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¡Hola! Welcome to this corner of the internet.I am Bato (he/him/), 3D artist , a VR enthusiast  and a professional communicator .I obtained my MA in Virtual & Augmented Reality at Goldsmiths, Univeristy of London with a Distinction Award, and I am thrilled to share some of the work I have done in this last year.Enjoy!

Monte Albán, México.

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 XR Work

Pok-Ta-Pok was my first solo project in VR. It consists of a training session of the famous Mayan ball game: Pok-Ta-Pok. It is made for the Oculus Quest and I plan on expanding the game. AR Myths of America is an AR app made in Unity and it works with the book Diccionario de Mitos de América, written by María García Esperón and illustrated by Amanda Mijangos. This experience enables you to see previously hidden 3D Models over some of the already beautiful illustrations. Overcooked is an enticing artistic recreation of a kitchen made only with Tilt Brush Assets and assembled in Unity. Finally, the wARter Project was a group assignment that raises a conversation about water in London. For this project, I mainly created the 3D models but I closely learnt about Image Tracking and C#.In my free time, I am chasing one of my biggest dreams: developing a compilation of Mesoamerican Myths for VR. It is still in an early development stage. If you are interested in this idea and/or you would like to be part of this adventure, it would be a pleasure to hear from you. Send me an email or contact me through social media.

 About me

I really like the idea of adding a phrase that I like or that motivates me. Maybe it can be something mesoamerican.

A little bit about me and who I am. My story... my pasions and my contact.


Hey! It is great to know you are interested in contacting me. Please do so if you want to chat, find out more about a specific project, propose a potential opportunity, get to know me more or just send me a nice meme (which are always appreciated).Feel free to leave your name or nickname, your email so I know where to reply back, and the message you would like to send.Lets get this conversation started!

Thank you!

As always, I will do my best to reply as fast as possible. I am very excited to see that this webpage worked and that we are fullfiling the internet's original goal: connecting.¡Gracias!

 3D Art

Making 3D models and animations is my favorite activity. I consider myself proficient with Maya and I enjoy working from a given concept. At this moment, I cannot decide whether modeling or animation excites me more. Both have the magical feeling of giving life to an an inanimate object: one through color and feel, and the later with movement.My aesthetics tend to go for a more colorful and cartoonish style.

Mesoamerican ModelsMy interest in the Mesoamerican culture has given me the opportunity to create different 3D Models for my interactions. I have made a Ball Player character named Pok, a Mayan ball game court, a hummingbird with the colors of the Aztec God of War "Huitzilopochtli" and Huitzilopochtli's iconic snake/fire sword called "Xiuhcoatl". The hummingbird is the only product that I got to fully animate, while the other objects were animated or attached to game objects in Unity. The ball court can be appreciated in the background of both the Hummingbird and Pok.All of the models were made in Maya; the software, not the culture.


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